"You know one day I’m going to lock him up and never let him out again, don’t you?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"How does that make you feel?"

"I hate it.  Hate it hate it hate it!" 

"Then why are your hips wiggling, babydoll?"

"I bet they are all sticky too, aren’t they?  You dirty little pervert."

Thanks to everyone who participated.  As always, feel free to write any time.  I just don’t promise you’ll get an answer.  I’m a brat like that.  Why else do you think I get in trouble so often?

(also, I might combine all the questions into a single post.  If they disappear, that’s why.)

QuestionI love love LOVE your blog. I love your captions. In my mind I am a sissy baby, I would love to be diapered and in chastity, and even cuckolded. Alas, I am too scared, a coward as it were, and have not come out to anyone about it. Does her lovers ever interact with you? Do they tease you? Do they spank you? Answer

Thank you.  :)

Mommy does most of the teasing, but he makes lots of little comments.  Though usually not while he is playing with Mommy.  He is always very focused on her.

Only one of Mommy’s lovers ever spanked me, and it was only once.  She isn’t seeing him any more.

QuestionShe watches you hump your pampers? Have you ever considered doing a photo of you humping into your dirty pampers while your mommy sits beside you, maybe with a reassuring hand rubbing your bottom and a pacifier in your mouth? You could always blur out the face ;) And when she changed you in front of her BF were you dirty? What did he say? God I'm loving this Q&A! Is the "ask me anything" link the only way to ask or does "fan mail" work also btw? Answer

We certainly have considered taking pictures like that, and what you described is a favorite of ours, but we’d need someone else to hold the camera.  And that’s a little harder to find than it sounds.

I was very soggy, but not messy when I got changed.  He didn’t say anything as far as I can remember.  I think he just watched Mommy tease me.

QuestionIn some of your pictures you have a crib. Do you have a nursery? If so what items do you have in there? Also what other big baby items do you have or want? And on average how many times a week do you get to pleasure yourself in your diapers? How many times to you get to play with mommie kitty? Sorry if to personal. And to be honest the cuckholding sounds really hott. Never thought of trying it. But if I find the right person I for sure be interested. Answer

I do have a nursery.  Its not as big as the one I used to have, but its a very babyish place.  There is my crib, a big chair, a set of drawers and shelves.  And, of course, lots of baby supplies.

I makes stickies in my pampers about twice a week, if I’m lucky.

It’s very hard to say how often I get to play with Mommy’s kitty, since it is so irregular.  Not nearly as often as I’d like.  ::whimper::

Do you guys do any bondage stuff? Would love to see it!
— diaperbondage

Not usually.  Mommy gets tied up a lot when she gets fucked, so it kinda makes me pouty.

QuestionNo fetlife talk? Ah that's a shame :/ So you enjoy it when your mommy goes out and gets her pussy torn up by her boyfriends and you're stuck sitting around in dirty diapers, sometimes with your chubby locked up even? Does she ever watch you while you hump your diapies? What things does she say to you? P.s. I can see why you'd get so blushy... ^^ It must be embarassing as hell! Does she ever change you in front of them? One of your piccies mentioned that... Answer

Do I enjoy it when Mommy feels Real Men?  No.  Yes.  Kinda.  Maybe.  ::whimper::

Yes, she watches me hump my pampers quite often.  She says many of the same things you see on my blog.  All my inspiration comes from things she has said to me.

Yes, she has changed me in all sorts of places, including in front of her boyfriend.

QuestionWould you ever consider resurrecting Nurseryish or beginning another similar website? I was/am a huge fan and thought it was one of the best sites out there for our particular interests. Answer

I’m always so blushy amd thrilled when someone remembers Nurseryish.  That site, I’m afraid, is long gone and couldn’t be the same again.  Trying to make a whole website was/is a lot of work and I’d rather be playing.  I really enjoying using this site as a way to unleash my creative perversions, so I’m pretty happy.

QuestionHey awesome blog can't stop smiling lol curious what kind of chastity is that you have Answer

It’s a “soft” silicone cage from a company called Birdlocked.