"I wonder how long before you start dribbling stickies as well as wets…"

Because Mommy locked away my chubby.  *pout*

"Though I do love the whimpers you make for me…"

My bottom was still wet when she spanked me.  I bawled like a baby.  ::blush::

*whimper, kick*  It’s not fair, Mommy!!

I’m not sure if it was the messy diaper or the sounds from Mommy’s bedroom, but that was a long night…  *whimper*

"Aw, your soft, thick diapers make it ache too?  Poor little baby…"

I think it might make my chubby stiff, but I can’t really tell…

"I kinda hope He takes it and keeps it.  That would be really hot, don’t you think?"

"I’m so excited for my date, babydoll!  Are you excited for your night locked in your crib?"