I think it might make my chubby stiff, but I can’t really tell…

"I kinda hope He takes it and keeps it.  That would be really hot, don’t you think?"

"I’m so excited for my date, babydoll!  Are you excited for your night locked in your crib?"

And totally under her power…

"And now everyone who reads your blog can see it!"

"Naughty babies deserve frustration.  And nothing will be more frustrating than messy diaper after messy diaper with no chance of stickies…" 

"Those tears just tell me this will be an effective punishment.  Should we start with a glycerin after I lock you up?"

"Beg me, babydoll.  Beg me to let you feel my skin.  Beg me to let you out of your pampers.  Your cries and whimpers are going to make me cum…"

"You need to remember your dirtiness goes deeper than your silly little chubby."

Thanks, everyone.  I’m glad my whimpers make you all so happy.  :p