"He cried from the first part.  Think my little baby will cry from the second?"

"Your little whimpers make Mommy so happy.  Even when I can’t hear them."

"But you *will* get your bottom spanked."

"Now why do you think he gets to fuck me and you only get your pampers?"

But everyone will see, Mommy!  There is no way to hide pampers this thick… *whimper*

A naughty, filthy little boy, Mommy…

"And, of course, not in a big boy bed."

QuestionThis is fucked up, like majorly. It's like a couple decided to try some bondage/ageplay stuff and forgot where the line was and what reality is. Answer

Yup.  That’s exactly what it is.

"And when you are very lucky, Mommy will make sure you have accidents without pampers.  Just so you’ll never ever dare go without one."

QuestionWhat on earth happened to you guys? Such infrequent updates! Do you need help with ideas perhaps? Answer

Wow.  Since my blog is based on my real life, no I don’t need any ideas for updates.  But thanks for offering.

And if you are unsatisfied with my content or the frequency of my updates, I will gladly refund the money you paid for my services.